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This utility has three types of functionalities:

Document Copier/Mover:
This helps in live documents/forms migrations. By specifying the source and destination you can move/copy documents by retaining version history, schema and timestamps. This operation assumes the source library and destination library has the same schema/content types. Before you perform this operation make sure both library have the same columns/content types. Here's is the step by step guide how to use it

Copy Documents:
1-Enter source library url and click '...' button. Select the source library from the drop down
2-Enter destination library url and click '...'. Select the destination library from the drop down
3-Click 'Go' button

Move Documents
1- First two steps are same as Copy Documents
2- Check 'Delete source file' option
3-Click 'Go' button

Document Mover.jpg

Import Export/Documents:
If you have staging requirements then use this functionality. This interface stores the document library/form library contents into a folder then the folder can be migrated across to the target environment. The utility provides the import/export functionality with in the same form. Here's the detail how to use it.

Export Contents:
1-Enter Site Url
2-Press '...' button to pull the lists
3-Specify Id's if you want to export specific items or click 'Export All'
4-Select destination directory
5-Click Export button

Import Contents:
1-Enter Site Url
2-Press '...' button
3-Specify Directory location where the contents were stored. This should be root folder which contains the exported files and 'vtihistory' folder
4-Press Import button


Document Re-linker:
SharePoint does provide out of the box 'document re-linking' option under Document/Form Library Settings. But this isn't enough to deal with the situation like multiple content types and thousands of documents. This form enables you to select the content type and re-linking all the documents with just one click. Here's the method how to do this

1-Enter Site Url
2-Enter Library Name and click '...' button. This pulls all the enabled content types in Content Type: drop down
3-Select the Content Type and click 'Update' button

The progress bar updates you with the process progress.



This form stores the settings for the log files. Each operation generates a log and can be stored to different location. By default it's application start-up path.

What This Utility Doesn't Cover:

1-Document Library/Form Library Permissions
2-I haven't yet tested this with other types of list apart from Document/Form Libraries

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